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Repetitive Strain Injuries

Even though they occur over time, as long as a repetitive strain injury (Repetitive Strain Injuries) is related to your job duty — in other words, it happened because of what you are required to do at work — it will likely be covered under workers' compensation.


Most people associate Repetitive Strain Injuries with working at a computer. Given how many jobs regularly require using a keyboard, mouse, and/or touchscreen, it's no surprise that computer-related cumulative injuries to the hands, wrists, and arms are widespread. But Repetitive Strain Injuries can develop from a wide range of other job tasks that require repeated micromovements, frequent lifting and carrying, using vibrating equipment, or holding awkward postures.

In addition to the many occupations that involve computer use, other high-risk jobs for Repetitive Strain Injuries include:


Repetitive Strain Injuries is not a diagnosis but a catch-all term for symptoms and signs located in the neck, upper back, shoulder, arm, elbow, hand, wrist and fingers.

These symptoms may include pain, stiffness, tingling, clumsiness, loss of coordination, loss of strength, skin discoloration and temperature differences.


If you have a repetitive strain injury, we advise you to seek treatment. Failing to treat the injury could make it worse. Your doctor is here to help and make sure you don’t reinjure yourself or make the current injury worse

Physical therapy is commonly prescribed for repetitive stress injuries; your doctor will talk to you and guide you about ergonomic changes you need to make to avoid injuring yourself again. This could include the way you lift items or your posture when you sit and type. These changes will help you protect your soft tissue while at work.

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