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spine Surgery


What can make a spinal injury difficult are delays in getting an accurate diagnosis.

Our experienced physicians are specialists in spinal conditions. With their extensive knowledge and skillsets, patients are provided with a quick and accurate diagnosis. This helps to avoid any unnecessary delays and procedures and provides patients with the best treatment plans for their unique condition and faster, more effective results.

Spine Treatment

Injury Doctors NYC has top rated and best board-certified spine surgeons in NYC.

Please find below some of the most common spinal conditions, treatments, and procedures performed by our specialists:

Protect your spine after a car or workplace accident.

Take care of yourself and get the best care you can get.

If you have been injured in a car accident or at work, don’t wait for the symptoms to go away. Back injuries often get worse if left untreated. That means you could end up immobile if you try to ignore the symptoms. Instead, contact a spine doctor. Your spine Surgery will diagnose the injury and provide a treatment plan just for you and begin the road to recovery.

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