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Sport-related accidents cause a variety of painful injuries. These injuries can decrease your quality of life and impact your health. At out Injury Doctors NYC practice, we make sure you get the best treatment and help available.


Find out about some of the most common sports injuries that out medical practice treats at any of our 6 locations across NYC:



Many athletes decide to suffer from sports injuries in silence. Don’t try to wait it out. If you don’t get the right treatment for your injury, you might lose strength and range of motion.

The RICE method is a common treatment regimen for sports injuries. This treatment method is helpful for mild sports injuries. It stands for:

If your sports injury looks or feels severe, make an appointment to see your doctor. Seek emergency care if the injured joint shows signs of:

Serious sports injuries can require surgery and physical therapy. If the injury doesn’t heal within two weeks, contact your doctor for an appointment.

Call us today for a proper diagnosis and treatment from one our pain management doctors!

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