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Orthopedic Pain Management

Workers’ Compensation And Automobile Accidents Specialist

Workers’ compensation and automobile accidents are among the top reasons for seeking urgent care treatment, and it's critical not to delay medical care. Some workers’ compensation and car accident injuries may develop into long-term or permanent disabilities, especially if you don’t receive proper medical care immediately. The caring team of doctors at Orthopedic Pain Management NYC provide urgent orthopedic pain management services when you need them most. Call or use the online booking tool to make your appointment.

Injury Doctors NYC is the efficient, affordable care alternative to traditional, higher-cost ER services.

We specialize in work injuries in the NYC area for:

Work-related injuries need to be evaluated as quickly as possible, and we are here for that to happen.

Acute Injury Treatment

Orthopedic Pain Management NYC offers a wide array of extended services with the highest regard for quality to ensure a rapid return to work.


How are car accident and workers’ compensation injuries treated?

Whether you have a workers’ comp or automobile accident injury, chances are you’re going to be in pain. Usually, your doctor at Orthopedic Pain Management NYC orders an X-ray right away to check for fractures. Once your doctor diagnoses the type and severity of your injury, they develop a treatment plan.

For soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash, muscle strains, and spinal misalignment, your treatment plan may include a combination of medications, rest, and physical therapy and rehabilitation.

To relieve acute or ongoing pain, your doctor at Orthopedic Pain Management NYC may recommend an advanced interventional treatment such as nerve block, joint injections, or an epidural steroid injection.

Workers’ compensation services from Injury Doctors NYC are trusted throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and the greater NYC area. We treat everything that is non-life threatening, and because of that, we’re everything but the hospital. Our goal is to keep you out of the hospital, and get you feeling better as quickly as possible.

You can always walk into Orthopedic Pain Management NYC for urgent care treatment for workers’ comp or auto accident injuries. Calling the clinic or using the online booking tool to schedule an appointment is also possible.

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