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Why Are Athletes at Greater Risk of Injury?


Of all the people who sustain injuries in the world, athletes make up a significant portion of that population. There are multiple reasons behind this higher injury incidence, and considering the causes of said injuries helps reveal some ways in which athletes can prevent injuries from occurring.

What Causes Athletic Injuries?

Athletes utilize their bodies and push them to the limits more than the general population. While this typically puts them in good physical condition, this consistent activity can make athletes more susceptible to injury.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Athletes are at an increased risk of repetitive strain injuries because they frequently complete the same actions, which can wear on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. For example, a tennis player frequently hinges their dominant elbow back and forth, which can wear on the joint over time and cause injury due to small tears or inflammation.


Athletic individuals can also become injured if they experience an accident during their training or competitions. A football player can receive a concussion when being tackled, or a basketball player can tear their ACL when pivoting too fast on the court. A lack of training can also exacerbate these injuries; for example, a hurdler might not land correctly after their jump and twist their ankle.

In most cases, these accidents occur because of the aggressive nature of the sport and the fact that, in many cases, sports require athletes to move their bodies in a way that is not natural and that we don’t typically do during daily life, which can cause an injury.

How To Prevent Athletic Injuries?

Many athletic injuries can be prevented, but unfortunately, most people do not learn this until after an injury. Following the below suggestions can help prevent athletic injuries and keep your body in peak condition.

Add Rest Days

Rest days are crucial for athletes to ensure that the body has a break from the strain. For those wanting to prevent repetitive strain injury, working rest days into a schedule ensures that the body can recover and rebuild, putting it in an even better position for the next day of training.

Try Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a common component in recovering from a sports injury, but it can also play a beneficial role in preventing serious injuries in the first place. This is because PT works on strengthening and stretching the body muscles to make sure all muscles work equally and properly.

For those who are starting to experience slight pain, partaking in physical therapy can address these problems before they escalate and turn into an injury. PT is an excellent resource for athletes to help protect their bodies from the strain they put them through.

The Importance of Treating Athletic Injuries

At Injury Doctors NYC we know Athletes need to be wary of injuries, as their frequent training and competitive nature can increase their likelihood of becoming injured. Sports Injuries should always be checked by a doctor immediately, and even those who believe the injury is only minor should have it checked by a doctor. Athletes who continue to play through an injury can make it even worse, thereby keeping them from their sport for even longer.

Athletes rely on a body that works as it should, and taking care to prevent and treat sports injuries is the best way to keep competing without causing any irreparable damage to the body.